Weeping and Lamenting

“Now they were all weeping and lamenting for her; but He said, ‘Stop weeping, for she has not died, but is asleep’” (Luke 8:52).

A plain reading of this verse does not reveal everything.

The child is actually dead even before Jesus came to the official’s house. Yet, Jesus spoke on the contrary. It is as if the people who ruled her dead lied. Or, dare I say it is that Jesus lied or was mistaken. Thinking of this entire situation can give us a deeper meaning. We usually read the final outcome and unconsciously move on, albeit praising Jesus’ great work.

Nevertheless, two or three things certainly took place. First, the girl died. Second, Jesus did not lie nor was mistaken. Third, the people that reported her as dead did not lie as well. Here our power to interpret is summoned.

Jesus always intended to keep the girl alive for the sake of the parents who put effort in believing and pleading Him. He knew there’s nothing to stop His decision. To Him death will not have the last word. Yet, He did not act immediately knowing if He didn’t the girl would die. He could say the word and she would be healed. But He let time and circumstances overcome. Was it to prove He could raise people from the dead and that He came from the Father? That’s a reason. Did He have other intentions?

Yes, He did for the generations to come regarding Him. In times when we are completely hopeless and are helpless, or when time, strength and knowledge have overtaken us, there is still Jesus present to make us cheerful. This is the ultimate interpretation. Jesus works beyond human comprehension, strength and will. At times He lets a situation end badly from human standpoint. But just when you know all is lost, everything comes back to life by Him. Now you can know how loving, valuable and good He is beyond anyone has ever taught you. It is to attain such personal experience with Him that sometimes He tarries. He who believes in Him receives it. When He has shown you and others that nothing can stop Him from aiding you, imagine the subsequent life! You walk taller.

Posted in 2016, Interpretations.