Unscathed in Life

The Lord fights our battles when we are His people. The statement is amply supported in the Scripture. Our fears and worries in life are due to the Adversary and the situations he puts us in. often they appear very difficult to overcome and at times impossible. We may desire with all our heart and soul to live for our Savior, but some of the battles we face can be too strong for us. Even then if we believe, the Lord will fight them out for us. Our belief in Him and our seeking Him will arouse Him from the throne to save us. No matter what the world and its power throw at us we can stand unscathed in life. We face the prospect of losing, but we will not. We face anxiety and the suffering from it, but we will rejoice. For when we trust the Lord to fight our battles He removes the hurdles and adversaries to the point of no return.

Rehab the harlot said, “When we heard it, our hearts melted and no courage remained in any man any longer because of you; for the LORD your God, He is God in heaven above and on earth beneath” (Josh. 2:11). Israel annihilated the Amorites and their two great kings Sihon and Og. Great fear fell on the whole earth. Jericho was beset with dread. No one ventured to face God’s children. What God does when we walk with Him is taking care of us as well as revealing us to all forms of enemy. Therefore, it should not be in us to fight the battle; not even think of how to fight it. God will make inroads to make sure we are safe. It is for this reason that Satan and all his cohorts often fail to overcome the righteous. Trust God when you must fight a battle and you will realize a worthy victory.

It was not the power of Israel that defeated the Amorites. It was the mighty power of God that combines His all-knowing wisdom. He knows perfectly when to hit the enemy. It might seem impossible for us, but He plans that the enemy is caught when they feel strong. The greatest advantage of God fighting our battles is found in the words of Rehab itself. Often we venture to do something about the things working against us. But if we truly want life-long safety and live without fear, we ought to let God win our battles. She asserted that their hearts melted and no courage was left in any man any longer. Having such witness with us further empowers us to live powerfully in the Lord. You see when God is fighting our battles, evil men will quiet down. They realize that the God in heaven above and on earth beneath is with us. We never have to once say it to them; they will know. This is the kind of life we should eagerly seek so we live a tranquil life. And God desires to give it to us.

If we should eagerly seek it, there is one thing we should do. This king Jehoahaz did not do. “He did evil in the sight of the LORD, and followed the sins of Jeroboam the son of Nebat, with which he made Israel sin; he did not turn from them” (2 Kings 13:2). We ought not to sin against the Lord and if we did sin, we ought not to be adamant in turning from it. Our eagerness to live a tranquil life comes from the strength to deny or overcome sin. We all sin in some form or other. Israel too sinned. Yet, the Lord fought their battles, because they turned from disobeying Him. The moment we repent and turn to the Lord there will be a blessing. Turing away from sin always yields blessing. It is for this blessing that the Lord fights our battles. But we test God’s patience when we do not turn from sin and it brings consequences.

The following describes that which the Lord God truly wishes for us by fighting our battles. “May his name endure forever; May his name increase as long as the sun shines; And let men bless themselves by him; Let all nations call him blessed” (Ps. 72:17). His goodness is unfathomable. He wishes to increase our reputation; He desires to keep our name among people for generations to come. He wishes to put us in a respectable place so that men recognize Him. Each time men call us to mind they remember the God we serve and the works of His unsearchable wisdom. If we on our part are able to let go the things that are insignificant and worthless, we can have a name that endures forever. And here are four things to do to possess it.

  1. Be a well of righteousness. Let righteousness always stay fresh in us. A contrary act to it is the following. “As a well keeps its waters fresh, so she keeps fresh her wickedness. Violence and destruction are heard in her; Sickness and wounds are ever before Me” (Jer. 6:7). To keep righteousness fresh in us we ought to walk the will and statutes of God. By enduring the toughness in keeping righteousness fresh we see God fighting our battles and establishing our name. But if anyone sins, do not stay in it for a prolonged period of time. Cast it away so that God befriends you in His mercy.
  2. Be realistic. Jesus said of the Jews – “THIS PEOPLE HONORS ME WITH THEIR LIPS, BUT THEIR HEART IS FAR AWAY FROM ME” (Matt. 15:8). We must constantly try ourselves to see that our honoring the Lord is not superficial. God quickly recognizes hypocrisy. We cannot hide from Him; neither can we hide anything from Him. If our hearts are unclean, our honoring Him is worthless. We may appear righteous to men, but our unrighteousness will eventually come out. Always have this in mind – the Lord knows every thought of mine as well as my intention. Then, you fear being insincere.
  3. Believe in Jesus. All you have to do to acquire a name from God is believe in Jesus. Believe that He will work out your honor. Believe He can create ways and situations to place you in a respectable place. The best thing we can do to win all your battles, have a tranquil life and an honorable name is believe in Jesus. This is all He asked of us. “Jesus answered and said to them, ‘This is the work of God, that you believe in Him whom He has sent’” (John 6:29). It might seem too good to be true, but it is the truth. If our focus is elsewhere, then believing it appears a fantasy. No one can do enough to protect himself, be secure and have a tranquil life. Yet, by doing the one work of believing Christ he or she can have them throughout life.
  4. Beware of our associations. As believers, we are often surrounded by people that call themselves believers. Many of them could well be faithful. But watch out for the ones that are not. If they do not bear the light that is in you, remain distant from them. For they will drag you into their sins that you become evil in the sight of the Lord. And the Spirit through Paul warned of it. “I wrote you in my letter not to associate with immoral people” (1 Cor. 5:9). It is not as though the Lord will not forgive your sin. He has forgiven all your past, present and future sins when you accepted Christ as your personal Savior. But you may lose time and blessings; you may even no longer be a useful vessel to Him. This would be Satan’s best work toward you.
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